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National Teenagers' Day: Celebrating those wonderful teenage years

Besides National Single Parents’ Day and Fragrance Day, today is all about the younger generation. While the origins of this annual “holiday” are unknown, March 21 is National Teenagers' Day or National Teenager Day.

Let’s face it – the teenage years for many children, and adults, can be difficult ones. Mood swings, rolling eyes, attitude and getting behind the wheel can be enough to drive any sane parent a bit crazy! If you are a parent of a teenager – life can be a bit, well, chaotic.

It's important to remember, we were all teenagers once but there are many more pressures on kids today. Peer pressure, school, a hectic schedule, body image, acne and dating can add even more pressure to an already full teenager’s plate. Teens go through a lot of changes during their teenage years. Add drugs, alcohol, cyberbullying, depression, financial worries and their pursuit of independence into the mix and it’s no wonder kids are stressed out and moody.

While sleep is vital to our well-being no matter how old or young we happen to be, teens need about9 ¼ hours of sleep every night. Exercise and a good, healthy diet are also important to sustain growth and a sound mind.

While the teenage years can be trying for everyone, one day in the near future, these very same children will become beautiful, intelligent and caring adults. They will become valued members of society. They are our future.

In honor of this yearly event, why not do something out of the ordinary for your teen? Give him or her extra big hug, or take him or her out for a nice dinner, a new movie or something else they’d like! Because before you know it, they’ll be out of the house and on their own and you’ll be wishing for the good old days when the kids were home.


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