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National Workaholics Day

If you live to work, thrive on challenges, live and breathe the office and haven’t taken a vacation in years, this special occasion may be right up your alley! July 5 is National Workaholics Day, an annual “holiday” dedicated to those hard-working Americans who love to work and those who love them.

While the boss may appreciate the workaholic’s work ethic, working all the time can be detrimental to one’s personal life. For the workaholic, there is no such thing as a 40-hour workweek. Taking time off from work is simply not an option. If you have no healthy life balance and are always on the job, work addiction can be problematic.

It can be difficult for the significant other to deal with a workaholic especially when the spouse is practically married to the job. He or she is addicted to work and the job is the mistress. A 1999 study revealed that the divorce rate is twice the national average when one person in the relationship is a workaholic.

In honor of National Workaholic Day, take today off. Turn off all the electronic devices and step away from the computer - after you finish reading this, of course! Spend some quality time with your loved ones today and enjoy life a little. Get back to work tomorrow!


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