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National Yo-Yo Day: Get your Yo-Yo on!

If you know how to Rock the Cradle, Walk the Dog, and Go Around the World, you’re in luck! Today is dedicated to Yo-Yo lovers everywhere – it’s National Yo-Yo Day!

Entrepreneur Donald F. Duncan Sr. popularized one of the most beloved toys in town – the Yo-Yo. In the 1920s, Pedro Flores was building Yo-Yos by hand and built the first Yo-Yo factory. He traveled around America promoting the Yo-Yo and holding competitions. Duncan saw how popular Yo-Yos were, purchased the factory, hired Flores and the Duncan Yo-Yo was born. And although there were “ups and downs”, Yo-Yos have been popular ever since.

In honor of Duncan’s birthday, June 6th is National Yo-Yo Day, an annual event that celebrates this fascinating toy. Yo-Yo’s have been making children smile for centuries. In fact, the first Yo-yYo probably originated in China or Greece thousands of years ago and is the second oldest toy in the world. First made out of terra cotta, Yo-Yos were also made out of wood. And speaking of wood, the largest working wooden Yo-Yo is on display at the National Yo-Yo Museum. And yes, there is a Yo-Yo Museum. Weighing in at 256 pounds, “Big-Yo” made the Guinness Book of Worlds Records in 1982.


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