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OMG: It's National Punctuation Day !?!#

As texts and tweets become more and more mainstream, so does “text speak.” LOL, BRB and OMG, to name a few, are replacing real honest-to-goodness words and phrases. But in our hustle-and-bustle, constantly connected society, who has time to spell out words, use proper grammar or punctuation marks these days?

While today’s holiday may not be a big hit with the younger crowd, September 24 is National Punctuation Day (NPD)! The annual holiday, which shines the spotlight on proper punctuation, has been observed for nine years and was created by Jeff Rubin, The Newsletter Guy.

Do you know the difference between a colon and a semi-colon? What’s the difference between a dash and a hyphen? And what on earth is an ellipsis? Just in case you’re stumped, it’s time to brush up on your punctuation! Proper punctuation helps readers make sense out of sentences. Period!

Today is also Kiss Day. Pucker up!


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