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Remember I Forgot Day

While we all forget things from time-to-time, forgetting a birthday, anniversary or other special event is a big no-no.Those of us of a “certain” age will probably appreciate this holiday. July 2 is, well, um, hmm... Oh yeah - July 2 is I Forgot Day!

his annual occasion was created by Gaye Anderson after going through what she refers to as a particularly forgetful period in her life, if she remembers correctly. Trouble is, she can’t really say for sure exactly when she came up with the idea because well, she can’t recall it!

Chances are pretty good you’ve probably forgotten a loved one’s birthday, anniversary, graduation or other special event at some point. Anderson’s pretty sure she created I Forgot Day as a way to make amends for those important days and special events already forgotten about and those that may be forgotten in the coming weeks, months and years ahead.

Let’s be brutally honest. Most of us lead hectic and busy lives. We are overworked, underpaid and totally stressed out. Who on earth has the time to remember details, anyway?

To avoid any possible unpleasantness, send a free I Forgot Day greeting card to that special person in your life and you’ll be covered for that special event in the future that you are sure to forget about today.

July 2 is also World UFO Day.


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