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Scotch Tape Day: It's a Wrap

Double or single-sided, folks have been dispensing this sticky product since it was invented back in 1930. In case you’ve never heard of him, chances are pretty good you’ve used his products a time or two!

Engineer Richard Gurley Drew found himself in a bit of a "sticky situation" when he invented a moisture-proof, transparent product first used by grocers, bakers and meat packers to seal cellophane wrap. January 31st is Scotch Tape Day! And not only did Drew develop the transparent “Scotch Cellulose Tape” for the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (3M), but he also invented masking tape and Duct tape too!

During the Depression, many used tape to make simple repairs to items around the house. 1939, the company invented its famous “snail” handheld tape dispenser which is still used today. In the 50s, Scotty McTape debuted on television commercials. Although he served as company mascot for more than 20 years, he didn’t really “stick.” Today, 3M makes more than 400 kinds of tape.

Get Creative with Scotch Tape

Besides wrapping , securing and/or mending everything under the sun and making our lives a bit easier, what other things can you do with Scotch tape? Believe it or not, Scotch tape was actually used on the Goodyear Blimp as an “anti-corrosive shield.”

  • Smack dab in the middle of winter, why not make your own version of a Nerf ball? Just use tape instead.

  • Remove pet fur and lint from clothing and upholstery. Just wrap some tape, sticky side out, around your hand and rub.

  • If you reuse folders and files, place a strip of tape on the label section of the file. When you need to replace the old label, the old one will rip right off.

  • If you have a new crayon that is broken, wrap a piece of tape around the break and get your color on!

  • Tape can be a temporary fix for broken glasses.

  • Express yourself during 3Ms Valentine’s Day project for a chance to win a “fabulous gift basket” filled with all sorts of Scotch Brand goodies – $90 value.

  • If you are a budding artist or sculptor, 3M is running the creative tape sculpture contest. Enter to win $5,000 in the Off the Roll Contest or take a peek at last year’s winners.

January 31 is also Backward Day, Inspire Your Heart with Art Day and Eat Brussels Sprouts


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