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Shuck It: It's National Oyster Day

National Oyster Day

Another special food-inspired holiday is right around the corner and Americans are ready to celebrate! Whether you shuck them, slurp them, shoot them or savor them, Aug. 5 is National Oyster Day, an annual holiday that celebrates the mouth-watering mollusk!

Love them or, well, not so much, many believe the delectable shell-bearing mollusks have aphrodisiac properties to help with the old libido! In fact, legend has it that the infamous lover, Casanova, ate 50 of them everyday for breakfast!

Rich in calcium, iron, zinc and protein, oysters can be eaten on the half shell, raw, baked, roasted, broiled, steamed, in soups or fried. About two billion pounds of oysters are consumed annually.

Today is also National Underwear Day!


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