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Smile - It's National Camera Day

June 29th is National Camera Day. Derived from the Greek words “light” and “writing,” photography has “developed” over the years.

Camera History - In a Snapshot

In 1827, Joseph Niepce created the first photographic image with a camera obscura. The process required 8 hours of light exposure that eventually faded. In 1839, Louis Jacques Daguerre took the first fixed image that didn’t fade. His method required about 30 minutes of exposure. He named the process after himself – the Daguerreotype. Tintypes were developed in 1856 by Hamilton Smith and decades later, George Eastman invented flexible and unbreakable film that could be rolled.

Modern Cameras

By comparison, today’s cameras are affordable, small, portable and easy to operate. Camera's come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and price-points. People no longer have to sit still for long periods of time in order for the photographer to snap a picture. And no more waiting for film developing either - digital cameras allow users to see their photos instantly.

In honor of National Camera Day, why not take your best shot and post it on social media?


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