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Spouses Day: Celebrating Your Better Half

If you happen to be married, today may just be your significant other’s lucky day! Today is Spouses Day! Observed each year on January 26, this annual celebrates your "better half!"

In our busy and hectic lives, those we care about most sometimes feel unappreciated and taken for granted. Today serves as an important reminder that we need to show that special person in our life just how much we care and appreciate him or her. And with the winter blues setting in, many people feel down in the dumps right about now so today is the perfect time to embrace those romantic feelings.

Although Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, no worries. You don’t need to buy a pricey gift or expensive dinner to celebrate Spouses Day – although that would be ok too.

How to Celebrate Spouses Day without Spending an Arm-and-a-Leg

  • Surprise your sweetie with a wonderful massage.

  • Fill up the tub with luxurious suds, light a few candles (or turn on a few flameless candles), open a bottle of wine and let your sweetie soak it all in for an hour or so. And if you’re lucky, maybe the tub will fit two?

  • Offer to do an errand your spouse hates – take out the trash, do the laundry, clean the kitchen, do the dishes, etc.

  • Mark off one of the things on your honey-do list of your own free will!

  • Tell your spouse to take the evening off and offer to watch the kids.

  • Surprise him or her with her all-time favorite sweet treat!

  • Offer to hang out with your sweetie and watch his or her favorite television show despite the fact you can’t stand or understand it – soap operas, favorite sports, crafting, home improvement, etc.

  • Make it movie night with each of you picking your all-time favorite flick. No complaining allowed.

  • Go for a walk together. Even if the weather isn't cooperating, when is the last time the two of you went for a romantic walk in the rain or snow?

  • If you happen to have some snow on the ground, make snow angels! It'll bring out the kid in you!

  • Have a romantic picnic – in the house! Gather up a blanket, some goodies, a bottle of your favorite bubbly and have a picnic on the floor!


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