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Take Your Dog to Work Day: Special ‘howliday’ celebrates man’s best friend

June is filled with all sorts of traditional and not-so-traditional occasions. But this particular “howliday’ is going to the dogs! Literally! Millions of Fido’s and Fifi’s across the country will head to the office on Take Your Dog to Work Day, an annual event which occurs on the first Friday after Father’s Day.

The annual event was created in 1999 by the humans at Pet Sitters International (PSI) and not only celebrate man’s best friend, but encourages and promotes pet adoptions from animal shelters as well. 300 companies participated in the first Take Your Dog to Work Day. Today, thousands of businesses participate, allowing owners the opportunity to show off their favorite pooch at work and vice versa!

‘Purrfect’ for Felines, Too

If you don’t happen to have a dog – no worries. Cat lovers can also get in on the furry fun by taking Fluffy to work at some point during the week during Take Your Pet to Work Week.

‘Pawsitive’ Benefits to Pets in the Workplace

According to the American Pet Products Association, pets in the workplace help create a positive and creative atmosphere. Allowing Rover to come over to the workplace can help reduce stress and increase job satisfaction as well.

And believe it or not, allowing dogs in the workplace is not as ‘far-fetched’ as it may seem. It is estimated that nearly 1 in 5 United States companies allow pets in the workplace.

How to 'Pawticipate'

Whether you bring your kitty cat or pooch, please make sure to plan ahead and check with your boss prior to bringing your four-legged friend to work! Dr. Lorie Huston shares some wonderful tips to avoid any possible ‘faux paws.’

Adopt an Animal in Need and Save a Life

Due to the current economic conditions, many shelters have seen an increase in pet populations. It is estimated that 6 to 8 million cats and dogs end up in shelters each and every year in the United States. About 4 million cats and dogs are euthanized each year! That's about 1 animal every 8 seconds! That is totally unacceptable!

If you are considering adding a loyal and loving companion to your family, now is the ‘purrfect’ time to adopt an unloved, unwanted, abandoned and/or neglected animal in need. Providing a ‘furrever’ home will ensure a pet has a happy ‘tail’ to tell. Won’t you open your home and your heart to an animal in need and save a life?


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