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Talk Like Shakespeare Day: 'Tis time to speaketh like Shakespeare

Hear ye, hear ye. Alas, 'tis true. April 23 celebrates the birth of one of the world's most celebrated writers of all time, William Shakespeare.

Former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley did it. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman have done it too! They all proclaimed April 23 Talk Like Shakespeare Day to encourage people to express themselves using words and phrases coined by the bard himself.

Whether thou believeth or not, some of the most common phrases and words still used today were actually coined by Shakespeare himself.

  • All That Glitters Isn't Gold

  • Baseless

  • Castigate

  • Dwindle

  • Good Riddance

  • Green-Eyed Monster

  • Heart of Gold

  • In a Pickle

  • It's Greek to Me

  • Laughing Stock

  • Love is Blind

  • Naked Truth

  • Not Slept One Wink

  • One Fell Swoop

  • Own Flesh and Blood

  • The Lady Doth Protest Too Much

  • Too Much of a Good Thing

  • Wear My Heart On My Sleeve

  • What's Done is Done

  • Wild Goose Chase

In honor of Talk Like Shakespeare Day, why not give it a whirl with some of the talking tips listed below.

  • Replace "you" with "thee" or "thou."

  • Replace "it" with "tis."

  • End verbs such as run or walk with "eth."

  • Fear not. If you are stuck for words, give the Shakespearean Insult Generator a try!

April 23 is also National Picnic Day, International Nose Picking Day and Lover's Day.


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