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Wear Something Gaudy Day: Wear something loud and stand out in the crowd

If you tend to buck the trends when it comes to fashion and don’t consider yourself a fashionista, today may be your lucky day! October 17 is Wear Something Gaudy Day.

This annual “holiday” celebrates fashion that is not quite in style. Wear Something Gaudy Day actually got its start from the hit television sitcom, Three’s Company. One of the actors, Richard Kline, declared October 17th as Wear Something Gaudy Day, and the rest is wacky holiday history!

Whether it’s drab or bright colors, wild prints or fashion from days-gone-by, today is the day to bring that totally tasteless attire out of the closet and have fun! ? Remember striped polyester pants, white go-go boots, dickies and tube-tops? And who knows? Today could also serve as a practice run for Halloween.

How to Celebrate Wear Something Gaudy Day

  • Invite your BFF’s over and clean out your closet! Try on those out-of-style clothes for old times’ sake, have a little wine and alotta laughs!

  • Have a Wine Tasting and Gaudy Day party.

  • Wear something gaudy to work – just make sure to check with the boss first!

  • If wearing something really wild to work just isn’t appropriate, at last you can wear mismatched socks and shoes, right?

  • Don’t forget the flashy, ginormous fake jewels and over-the-top makeup!

  • If you are an educator, why not take a look back at the fashion crazes over the years?

In honor of Wear Something Gaudy Day, put on something loud, and be proud to stand out in the crowd! Oct. 17 is also National Ass Day and National Pasta Day!

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