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World Kindness Day: Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for World Kindness Day

Ever since the World Kindness Movement (WKM) began decades ago, the world has been celebrating random acts of kindness on World Kindness Day. The annual holiday, observed each year on Nov.13, is a day that celebrates and promotes kindness and good will all around the globe. World Kindness Day is also a wonderful opportunity for teachers to encourage compassion and kindness in the classroom and school.

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for World Kindness Day

  • Whip up a batch of cookies and deliver them to someone who is having a hard time.

  • Clean out those cupboards and crowded closets and donate items you no longer need to someone in need or your local Salvation Army or church.

  • Do something for the environment. Organize a clean-up the town event, start a walk/bike to work day or start a recycling effort in your neck-of-the-woods.

  • With catastrophic natural disasters on the rise, put your talents to use by helping the folks affected by the latest weather-related event.

  • Surprise a stranger by paying for his or her coffee, breakfast or lunch.

  • Offer to drive an elderly or sick neighbor to the store or to run errands.

  • Volunteer at your local hospital, nursing home or soup kitchen.

  • Offer to let someone go ahead of you in the busy checkout lane.

  • Write a sincere thank-you note to your significant other.

  • Don't forget our four-legged friends on World Kindness Day. Volunteer at your local animal shelter or open your heart and home by adopting an unloved, unwanted, neglected or abused animal at a shelter near you.

Today is the perfect time to do something nice for someone else - the neighbor, co-worker, friend or stranger. It's important to remember even the smallest gesture of kindness could make a great big difference in person’s life. Whether it's a sincere compliment or a small gift, the world would be a happier and less stressful place if we all remembered to be kind to one another.

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