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World Oceans Day: Let's make a 'splash' to protect our oceans

When it comes to holidays, June 8 is making quite a "splash!" June, like every month in the year, has a slew of special holidays that celebrate famous people, important events, fabulous food and beverages and important products. But on June 8, people from all over the world will celebrate and recognize World Oceans Day, an annual international event that helps raise awareness about the importance of the oceans on our planet.

The ocean, which covers 70 percent of our planet, helps generate oxygen and regulate our climate. This important body of water not only provides food for humans, it is also home for many marine mammals. It is critical we protect our oceans and the creatures that live there.

World Oceans Day

Last year, hundreds of family-friendly events were held around the world. Be sure to visit the website to find an event near you.

June 8 is also National Best Friend Day, Name Your Poison Day and Betty Picnic Day.


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