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World Toilet Day: Crappy holiday shines spotlight on serious issue

While this may be a “crappy” subject, it’s time to talk toilets. Nov. 19 is World Toilet Day (WTD)!

Launched in 2001, World Toilet Day raises awareness about serious global sanitation issues. Today, most of us are able to do our business in private. But did you know one in three people around the world do not have access to a clean, safe and private toilet?

It wasn’t all that long ago when the backyard outhouse served as the family toilet. Can you imagine having to get bundled up in the middle of the night, in all kinds of inclement weather, walking (or running) to the outhouse by the light of the moon? Plus, you’d never know what kind of critters lurked in the dark! Then you’d have to crawl back into bed and try to get back to sleep?

But despite all the advances in technology and modern conveniences, over 2 billion people around the world still do not have access to toilets. More than 1 billion people defecate out in the open! Lack of adequate sanitation is not only humiliating, it is a serious health issue that causes thousands of deaths every day.

Diarrhea is the second leading cause of death for children under 5 which is attributed to the lack of accessible toilets. 1 child dies every 20 seconds. World Toilet Day helps shine the spotlight on the urgent need for safe toilets around the globe.

The next time you flush, remember the people around the world that do not have the same luxury! November 19 is also International Men's Day and Have a Bad Day Day.


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