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National Wine and Cheese Day is July 25: Cheers!

Cheese & Wine

July 25 celebrates a delightful combination of food and drink. It’s National Wine and Cheese Day in the U.S.A., an annual holiday created by freelance writer and wine-lover, Jace Shoemaker-Galloway.

Sometimes unlikely duos become great big hits. Like peanut butter and jelly, chocolate and peanut butter, salt and vinegar chips, bacon and maple syrup and French fries covered in gravy (Poutine), drinking wine and eating cheese are delightful combinations. When the right wine is paired with the perfect cheese, the taste and aromas of each are magnified and enhanced, awakening the senses. The possibilities for the perfect wine and cheese pairings are as endless as one's imagination.

So go ahead - grab your favorite cheese and raise your glass! Happy National Wine and Cheese Day!


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